OSC, een nieuw merk voor Millipede Fashion Group BV

Millipede Fashion Group BV (www.millipede-fashion.com) the company behind the brand Ultimate Workwear has a new brand: Outdoor Survival Canada (OSC). OSC is a Canadian manufacturer of high end winter and summer coats. The coats are “made in Canada” and keep you warm at temperatures of -20, -40 and some even at -60 degrees Celsius. The coats are water resistant, can be washed in the washing machine at home and are extremely durable. Most important is that they look really cool. OSC also has summer coats that keep you comfortable all year round. The coats keep you warm when you are outside watching a match but also when you go on a ski vacation or go for a walk on the beach. 

Soon there will be a special website and web store for this brand: www.outdoorsurvivalcanada.eu but for now the collection can be viewed at:  www.outdoorsurvivalcanada.com.




+31 6 51958672