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Ultimate Workwear as a brand started in 2011 when KLM owner Kwintet closed the operation in Enschede and discontinued the brand.

Kkan langer mee 2LM, which is the abbreviation for Kan Langer Mee (Can Last Longer) has a long history in Twente, a region in the East of The Netherlands known for its textile industry. Also in the rest of The Netherlands and Europe KLM is a well known brand. Many have experience with KLM from their job or hobby and many regret the end of this iconic Dutch brand.

KLM as a brand name is protected but the products are generic. That is why we continue to offer the famous KLM models and fabric qualities using our own brand name “Ultimate Workwear”. We use the original KLM manufacturers for the confection as well as the production of fabric. Even the zippers and buttons come from the original source.

The traditional KLM products can be recognised by the old KLM model name which is shown in the product presentations next to the Ultimate Workwear productcode (e.g. “Basel”).

KLM products have been used, tested and improved for many years. For the time being we will not make any changes to the product. We might introduce new, additional products but as long as you see the old KLM model name you can trust this is the original unchanged KLM style.

Pricing and service

Ultimate Workwear works with a selective dealernet. We have no store, do not sell to end-consumers, do not exhibit on trade shows,  have no sales force and do not advertise. Our products come directly from the Far East in full containers to our Distribution Center in Holten. As a result of this lean operation we can keep our prices low and our service levels high.

Dealer policy

Are you interest to become one of our dealers? Please mail to:  info@ultimate-workwear.nl.


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Other activities

Ultimate Workwear is a brand of the Millipede Fashion Group BV. Another brand of Millipede Fashion Group is Outdoor Survival Canada. www.outdoorsurvivalcanada.com.






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